Jodi (jodeexi) wrote in mtv_real_world,

Danny and Melinda just came to my school (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

they were pretty lame. haha..

they did say they were getting married in august and wes and johana are their best friends and are still together. Danny let it slip that the next RW was going to be in Colorado and there is a challenge coming up that he doesnt know where it is but the challenge after that he said he thought was going to be in thailand.

They basically talked about the show and how psycho Rachel was. Danny and Lacey just started talking again and Melinda talks to Nehemia a lot but they both agreed that the show didn't show just how hysterical Rachel was and that she is crazy and psycho and a bitch.

They also said that after the whole reunion blow out Nehemia came and apologized, so everything is good.

They weren't that exciting and looked exactly the same.

that was basically it. Sorry I have no pictures or no fun drama to tell :(
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