T (teh_seed) wrote in mtv_real_world,

OK, so i just finished watching RW/RR Duels. UMMMMmmmmmm, CT is one H-O-T bitch. i wanna jump up all on his ass. Yummmmm-EEEEEEE. Brad got cuter again too! i don't know what was with him in the last couple seasons he just wasn't quite as hot. BUT yeah, he looked DAMN good in a speedo. yum yum yum, i'm so liking this season so far. i would've picked johnny bananas too if i was in tyler's place, but that still sucked. i <3 johnny bananas!

yes? CT= Hot ass mo-fo. yes?

BLAHHH to no more Bananas this season....yes?

Brad's, ONE HOT bitch again, yes?

oh yeah, and i saw the preview for the next RW season. H-O-T, it looks like it should be good. i'm a little annoyed it's in Dallas though, but i should be interesting...
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